On-Point Kennels
We are a family owned kennel, where everyone takes part in the care, training, and raising of our pups.
We breed for the love of GSP's and that our pups will bring joy and friendship to other families.
We first fell in love with German Shorthaired Pointers because of their versatility and family disposition.
In one dog we found a loyal friend, a playmate to our children, and a hunting companion.
Our dogs are incredibly intelligent, eager to please, and very loyal, loving members of our family.
On-Point Kennels is devoted to breeding the highest quality German Shorthaired Pointers possible. We take pride in the natural hunting ability that our dogs display and their excellent temperament. GSP's make wonderful pets and roughly three quarters of our pups go to homes as family pets. For those who are interested in a GSP for hunting, our lines exhibit fantastic hunting ability! 
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